KACC, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

JML Consultants designed five unique water features that will enhance the artistic and sensorial richness of the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture. Within the surrounding outdoor grounds the Ithra water Labyrinth, Third oasis, Childrens oasis and Source water features positively engage and interact with the public.

Montpellier, France, Place du nombre d’or

The fountain design is based on the golden ratio, “le nombre d’or”. According to this principle, water jets have been set up in squares and triangles.

Montluçon, France

This major city axis has been transformed inserting various fountains: the dry water feature becomes a meeting place.

Parc Theodore Monod - Le mans, France

An axis of water defines the spatial composition of the park. A central water square dedicated to kids is framed by basins planted with water lilies and a dynamic cascade with surging waves.
Architects: Maurer & Orsi
Landscape Architects: Jaqueline Osty

Place des Nations - Geneva, Switzerland

In front of the United Nations Palace, a dynamic dry fountain settled in 12 jets lines of jets, is a symbolic reminiscence of the passing of time.

Architects : Arlette Ortis & Christian Drevet

Place Rapp - Colmar, France

Dry fountain located on a slab roof with technical room and the fountain’s installations integrated in the car park structure. A complex engineering solution.

Architects : EDAW, Lenys

Parc citroen - Paris, France

The park is an ode to the nearby Seine River. Sources, fountains and basins fill each space of the 34 acres.

Architects: Patrick Berger, J.P. Viguier, J.F. Jordy
Landscape Architects: Alain Provost, Gilles Clément

Place des Epart - Chartres, France

Water radically transforms the urban landscape and atmosphere. The flooded square becomes dry.

Landscape Architect : Jacqueline Osty
Architects: Reichen & Robert

Carré Senart - Senart, France

Grid pattern, high speed sequences dry fountain at the Mall entrance. Water sculptures inside.

Landscape Architect : Bertrand Paulet

Fira - Barcelona, Spain

Organic curved water shapes inspired by the modern architecture of the new Exhibition Palace.

Architects : Toyo ito

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